Sunday, 5 October 2008

It's Training, Men, Hallelujah

Well, after several weeks of training with the Hillary team in Battersea Park (Wednesdays 7pm, Saturdays 10am) I have finally been able to do 3 pull-ups (or are they called chin-ups?). In fact I've did more than that in the pyramid system (you do 1, then 2, then 3, then 2 then 1 etc etc). Yes. 3 consecutive chin-ups but really I managed to do 9 in total.

Never have I been able to do them. No upper body strength at all. Was a proud moment, I tell you. Still my cardio has a lot to be improved but that will come the more I do (duh!).

Still smoking which is annoying. I seem to only smoke weekends though, which is an improvement (is it? Why bother smoke at all if you only feel you need to smoke 3 nights out of 7?). And of course the two people who I have spoken to about it in the past week have also been up to Base Camp (to do the Highest Music Concert which took 2 years in planning and was beaten by Jamiroquoi with 45 minutes planning as he hired a Lear Jet and took the record. Officially they are the Highest Terrestrial Music Concert ever while he takes the title of highest ever. Yeah Thanks JK.... and the charity you were supporting was something to do with overblown egos who need big hats to contain their heads.) and said that smokers are better off when they are going up. I need HARD evidence. I want to quit smoking. FULL STOP.

Perhaps my theory of quitting 6 months beforehand while the lungs still have that capacity of remembering to work harder but really, having more healthy lung cells at the same by the time I get up there... will actually work. Gawd knows. It's a fear. And it's not a theory I'd advocate or condone anyone to do.

Also my photographic skils are improving. Quite glad at that. My portraiture is getting there as the days progress. Only a little tweaking on photoshop. Here's one I'm very proud of: Lucy 'Brooksie' Brooks.