Monday, 30 March 2009


We had the last official meeting for The Everest Test 2009 on Saturday, with talks given by various people where we found out various bits of news, good and bad. Now we have an official title sponsor we have now been renamed The Nokia Maps Everest Test 2009 which is great!

One bit of bad news was that BN-BN is no longer going to be with us on the trek, which is a real shame. Long live BN-BN. We'd rather have you safe and sound than almost certainly really ill. That's real heroism, knowing when to live and fight another day.

As a nice little segue from illnesses to the medics, the medics gave us a rather serious talk, by way of introduction to themselves and their respective backgrounds. We all came away with more than a little fear in our stomachs. All the girls picked their favourite. I took notes. Crackles? In me lungs? Isla Fisher gave a good talk as did Ian Pitchblack. The other two (whom I have just met, so I can't remember their names as I'm not friends with them on facebook) were good talkers as well as informative and friendly. I look forward to getting to know them all properly on the trek. Hopefully I won''t have much dealing with them in a 'professional' capacity.

I hope I don't get PMS on the mountain. Or whatever it's called. That'd be quite scary. I guess the other things I could get are HACO and HAPO, which could result in death, perhaps or worse. I've had HANO before but that was 10 years ago and it mysteriously cleared up just like it arrived. But a bit of debilitating swelling on the joints doesn't really compare with fluid-filled lungs... hmmm... do I really want to do this?

Unfortunately, yes.

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