Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The first Training Sesh

... is always a bitch. Kirt and I got there traditionally late (work shizzle) but got straight into it more or less...

I can't remember how long the session was, and I'm not sure entirely who was there... some faces I'd never seen - Tom's brother Neil (well, I'm assuming brother, they looked similar and they were both called 'Sharland'). Some chap called Paul who I'd never seen before on any of the events I'd been to (I've only really been to the first meeting about the trip and the London Crawl Shenanigans thingy so I'm not sure if I can call myself an expert on the people going... I don't even know all of the trektators and we're all on the same team!!!!) and there were people at the fitness session that aren't even going on Everest... crazy bunch of fools. A cameraman, some tall bloke (not Dave tall, but tall enough) and a couple of others who my hazed mind is struggling to recall.

Anyway, it was towards of the session that I started to drop off, not really pushing myself... and then I thought... 'hang on a sec, you're 4 years off 40 next month and you're not playing cricket on Everest, you're taking photos. Get a grip!!!! But yeah. I think my hearing has returned to normal now and my heartbeat has eased. I still can't lift my arms up with any ease. And the rushing in my head is now silenced. Quite grateful to hear that other people were experiencing similar physical sensations, not just me thinking 'ok here we go AVM Haemorrhage II: The Bitch is Back and She's 20 years older......'.

I have to stop doing that... I guess a 20 year old habit is hard to break, especially since it's been the only thing on my mind for the past 8 months.

This is only the first day of fitness training, what am I going to be like tomorrow or on Friday when the muscle healing really kicks in? We shall see... I'm just glad it wasn't as stretching as capoeira. I think I have to go back to that and try to do at least one session of capo a week. I need to get my pre-The Letter fitness back....

(ok, so the photo was from the bleep test last month, I needed some sort of photo of people doing fitnessy things and Miles was there).

Anyway... Am I a serial blogger?

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